About Us

GermanLearningOnline.com aims to give everyone access to a private learning experience through technology.

GLO learning is a company founded in 2015. Our headquarters are in Nicosia, Cyprus and we are offering our services worldwide.
Our specialized German Learning courses, our experienced lecturers and our cutting-edge platform are, according to our clientele, the main reasons of our success and constant growth.

We are enthusiastic about creating an inspiring environment that will make the German language learning an amazing experience!


Our goal is the sharing of knowledge. We achieve that with the delivery of an excellent learning experience tailored to each student’s needs, the use of modern and effective teaching methods combined with state of the art technologies. This way, we beat the distance barrier and allow our students to be taught by the best lecturers.


  • Academically qualified German teachers
  • We provide an exciting & efficient language learning experience
  • High quality learning material
  • Friendly & helpful support team
  • Proven method


Our greatest asset is our people.
The lecturers of GLO are well-experienced, have studied in top Universities and are energetic about supporting and challenging their students.
Our support team is always happy to assist you!

As an active businessman, my schedule is very tight. GLO’s learning method was the only way for me to improve my German and enhance my skills.


I learned how to communicate in German more clearly and to improve my speaking and writing skills. I like the fact that I don’t have to leave my house.


I really enjoy the live tutoring sessions and I am learning quite fast. I would like to thank my teacher and the GLO for  making this effective method of learning!

GlO’s course helped me improve my German skills in the areas of business and travel, and to become more confident when communicating in German!