German for Healthcare

why German for healthcare?

With the need for healthcare personnel in German speaking countries rising, so do the medical professionals’ salaries, therefore more and more doctors and nurses choose to work there.

this course is ideal for:

  • Our healthcare courses are designed for professionals in the field of medical health care (professionals of the medical health care sector) who plan to work in a German speaking country.
  • Nursery school’s undergraduates looking to prepare themselves for a competitive global market.

key learning outcomes

medical terminology
communicating with patients and family members
communicating with colleagues and hospital staff
medical reports
patient documentation

advantages of our learners:

  • private lessons tailored to your needs
  • your own dedicated German tutor
  • constant control of your progress
  • access to online learning material 24/7
  • classes adjusted to your schedule
  • interactive and efficient teaching methods
  • cutting-edge technology learning platform
  • experienced teachers of the highest calibre

Learn German through online video conferencing, lessons customized to your needs & high quality learning material!


I really enjoy the live tutoring sessions and I am learning quite fast. I would like to thank my teacher and the GLO for  making this effective method of learning!


As an active businessman, my schedule is very tight. GLO’s learning method was the only way for me to improve my German and enhance my skills.

GlO’s course helped me improve my German skills in the areas of business and travel, and to become more confident when communicating in German!

I learned how to communicate in German more clearly and to improve my speaking and writing skills. I like the fact that I don’t have to leave my house.


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